Lots of large images, sorry for the load time.

08/06/2012: Retopologized, Textured, Rigged, Posed and Rendered… well, not all in one day… But I think I might be finished.
07/26/2012: Moving on to retopologizing, 95% finished with texture.
07/15/2012: Started skin/hair/clothing texture in ZBrush

Adjusted ZBrush shaders, #2 (the one being used) is from “MatcapSkin_04”, #1 is an adjusted “cb_skin_b” downloaded from the Pixologic site.
Download Shader #2, Download Shader #1

07/14/2012: Finished most of the pieces, still missing some detailing in different areas like the boots but moving on to texturing. Recently I switched from texturing in Bodypaint/Photoshop/3dCoat to texturing in Zbrush. Using xNormal makes it possible to continuously change the uv’s around while maintaining the original texture. Plus the zBrush texture is just prettier ~