These are just a few of the great people I worked with at Flying Lab, there were too many people to list in my 3d section so they’re listed here

These are people who worked on our MMO “Amazing Tales”/”Project Caspian”


Kevin Maginn

Art Director:

Bruce Sharp –

Character Artists:

Brad Wagner
Gary Lee –
Vo Hoang –
Alison Burkley
Fiona Turner –
Mike Ho –
Jessie Wu

Environment Artists:

Eric Cassels –
Chris Mott
Alex Pelayre –

FX Artists:

Kevin Loza
Jodi Shaw –


Lindsey Krassin –
Tonya Lyle-Glaister –
Ted Warnock –

UI Artists:

Eric Rea –
Scott Willoughby –

Technical Artist:

Sean Hewitt –


Rick Saada
Joe Venzon
Tim Burris


Raymond Wood
Bryan Yarrow
Declan O’Connell
Greg Hanefeld
Josiah Dodson
Jason Gettel

Audio Designer:

Michael Hill